3 Low Impact Cardio Pool Workouts

3 Low Impact Cardio Pool Workouts

There are so many excuses we give ourselves for not working out or hitting the gym, such as nursing a sports injury, dealing with arthritic or joint pain, or maybe we avoid exercise because of the haunting memory of how sore and stiff we felt after our last workout.  Fortunately there are a number of low impact cardio workouts that almost anyone can do, starting with:

  1. Swimming Exercises

We’ve all heard about how beneficial swimming is for our health, from improving our heart health to increasing endurance and flexibility.  When we swim, we’re both stretching and strengthening almost every single muscle in our body simultaneously, which reduces one’s risk of suffering from injury and extending our lifespan.

  1. Water Walking and Water Jogging

Water walking and water jogging are a great way to work in some cardio without putting a lot of strain on your ankles, knees, hips and back.  The deeper you get into the water, the more resistance you’ll face and the greater your workout will be. Start out slowly if possible, venturing in only waist-deep, and go from there.

  1. Water Aerobics

Whether it’s senior water aerobics or pregnancy water aerobics, this low impact cardio workout exercises every part of your body.  Best of all, you don’t even need to know how to swim!  These shallow water exercises typically take place in water that only reaches between your waist and chest.

These are just a few ways that owning a pool can lead to better health and wellness. You don’t need a big pool or even an inground pool either. We have all kinds of aboveground pools that have plenty of room to engage in these low-impact workouts.

Swim spas are a great option too. These use a current that you can swim or walk against and get a great cardio workout without impact on your joints. And, of course, inground pools are always a good choice. We can do those too.

Better health and wellness is never far away when you have a pool. Stop by our new location at 7812 Montvue Rd NW in Knoxville and say hello, or give us a call at 865-584-3607. We’ve got all the options and everything you need.



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