3 Ways Hot Tub Therapy Can Help Diabetes

3 Ways Hot Tub Therapy Can Help Diabetes

It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month and you’ve asked yourself, how in the world could a hot tub help with the symptoms? Hot Tub soaks have boosted health benefits in numerous ways from losing weight, to better sleep at night. However, with Diabetes, it can help in more specific and necessary ways.


  1. Lower Your Blood Sugar – Patients with type 2 diabetes have found that their blood sugar levels decreased by at least 13% when taking a soak for just 30 minutes per day. Due to this decrease, patients were also able to lower their insulin intake by 18%.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation – A condition of type 2 diabetes, is decreased blood flow to the extremities including the feet. Hot Tub therapy improves blood flow by dilating the capillaries through heat. While the blood flow is increased, so is the absorption of insulin to the body.
  3. Improved Weight Loss – While exercise and diet are best for people with Diabetes, Hot Tubs can play a factor in improving that weight loss. Soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day decreases stress, relaxes the body, helps muscle recovery, and promotes a good night of sleep, all of which are necessary to successful weight loss.


While all of these are very beneficial to diabetic symptoms, there are cautions while using Hot Tub Therapy.

Due to the lack of blood circulation and feeling of extremities such as feet, patients are cautioned to test temperatures of your Hot Tub before use. Sometimes without the sensation in your feet, patients can not feel the heat from the tub, and suffer from skin injury. Make sure your tub is set to a sensible and withstandable temperature.

There are also warnings concerning your blood sugar levels and insulin intake. It is never advised for a patient to use the hot tub with a low blood sugar or have suffered from dehydration. Plan your soaks accordingly to eating and exercise times to ensure you receive the full benefits of your spa.




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