Bringing the Smoky Mountains to the Backyard

dreshner_HDR2-300x199For many of us, a pool can be a long-awaited dream. Perhaps a pool has been a thought that recurs on vacation; the pool at the resort, the natural basin at the foot of a beautiful waterfall, and even the ocean can reinvigorate the desire to pursue the backyard pool we’ve fantasized about for years. Along the way, we tend to pick up on aesthetics and themes that we deem important to us and apply them to the image of that pool. They are little details that make us happy, help us relax, and let us remember the times when we got to step away from our daily stress and find a new energy. For Pam Drescher, her dream of bringing her favorite mountain escapes to her home was realized in 2010.

Pam’s dream began about 10 years ago. Like most couples, one half of the equation needed a bit more convincing than the other. Her husband’s biggest concern was that a pool would require an exorbitant amount of upkeep and maintenance. In short, he saw it as more work than it would be worth. He had also been suffering from an unfortunate illness, and he didn’t want Pam to have to undertake anymore responsibility than she already had. Wanting the pool not only for herself but for her husband’s relaxation, she began researching options on the internet.

DSC_0214_5_6_fused-300x200She eventually came in to Campbell’s Pool & Spa with a vision of her backyard escape and a desire for a low-maintenance solution. She explained to Tony Campbell that she loves the mountains. If the pool could reflect the mountain scenery she was so found of, she would feel as though her favorite escape was right outside her home. Her love of the mountains was evident inside her home as well, and she expressed a desire to make the pool area feel like an extension of the interior of the house.

“After all,” she said as she remembered her discussion, “why go to Gatlinburg and pay for a cabin there when I could have that escape here.”

Being disabled, her husband was inside quite often. Pam’s desire was to keep him from feeling boxed in. She wanted, upon exiting the house, for the pool area to open up and offer a spacious feel. The plan Pam and Tony began to pull together for the pool included a walkway from the backdoor to the pool, a transition that permitted a gradual opening of space but still remained congruous with connecting the home and pool with a mountain theme. That theme reached its pinnacle with a gorgeous, natural looking, stone waterfall flowing into the pool and visible from the house side.

DSC_0178a-300x239As for the concerns about maintenance, a saltwater system put them to rest. Pam decided on a Pentair Intellichlor and couldn’t be happier. She loves being able to operate her pool year round with minimal treatment. The water stays clean and clear, and it feels great on her skin. It allows her to spend less time worrying about the pool, just as her husband wished.

As the pool came together, Pam had an arbor and sauna installed and worked her Primo Grill into the final package. Her dream completed, Pam now loves to escape into her backyard retreat, think about the mountains, and read. The sunshade over the arbor gives her a great spot to enjoy a book during the day and view the stars at night.

“I wouldn’t make any changes to it,” Pam smiled. “Everything was done right from start to finish, and Campbell’s made the process really easy. Although, I’m thinking about eventually working in a TV so I can occasionally watch football and still be outside.”

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