Choosing the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

Choosing the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to pool cleaners, the robotic pool cleaner is the leading choice for most pool owners. Unlike other types of pool cleaners that rely on existing pool equipment to run, Knoxville robotic pool cleaners are efficient independent machines that won’t put any further pressure on your pool equipment.

Here’s the problem. There isn’t just one type of robotic pool cleaner and not every pool cleaner on the market is right for your pool. So we’ve put together a quick guide that will help you decide which robotic pool cleaner you should choose.


First: Your Pool

Before looking at the style or features of the cleaner, you have to consider three key factors:

  • Pool surface type
  • Pool size
  • Pool debris

The majority of cleaners today can handle any type of pool surface – that is, unless you have a fiberglass pool or one that has slick, slippery tile. In this case, you’ll want a robotic pool cleaner that’s outfitted with a soft, super grip PVA brush.

The size of our pool will also play a part in the cleaner you choose. Each cleaner has a fixed cable length. The length of the cable has to be able to reach the furthest side of the pool from the power supply (this has to be at least 12 feet from the edge of the pool).

Finally, the type of debris you find in your Lenoir City pool water will play a part in which cleaner you choose. For example, solar powered cleaners can supposedly remove anything, including oil, but the majority of pool owners likely don’t find themselves battling this substance on a regular basis.

  • Large debris: If your pool is set near large trees and foliage, you’ll want to make sure the cleaner has the capacity to handle larger debris.
  • Fine debris: For those living in the desert or who frequently face strong winds, the cleaner you choose should be able to handle finer particles like sand.


Second: Your Needs

The next consideration is what you want your robotic pool cleaner to do for you.

The most basic cleaners will automatically vacuum the floor of the pool, and some may also come with fixed or rotating brushes to give your pool a better clean. These are the most economical option of the lot.

The next step up is a robotic pool cleaner that will vacuum the floors and the lower or partial wall of your pool. This type of cleaner is equipped with scrubbing brushes that allow it to clean and climb the walls of the pool.

The most advanced type of robotic pool cleaner will be able to reach all the way up to your pool’s waterline. Apart from having automatic scrubbers, these units may come with power washing jets that will blast debris out of crevices and other hard to reach areas of your pool.


Third: The Maintenance

While designed to help you maintain your pool, there is some level of maintenance required for every type of robotic pool cleaner. Check out reviews online or feel free to speak to one of the Knoxville pool techs here at Campbell’s Pool & Spa for more information about each device’s unique maintenance needs.


Fourth: The Features

Not surprisingly, the features you choose will have a major impact on our final point, the cost of your cleaner. The features you choose will really depend on personal preference and your pool type. Below are some of the most in-demand pool cleaner features today:

  • Gyro and mechanical swivels for cable detangling
  • Low micron filter bags and baskets (down to 2 microns) for purifying and potentially disinfecting your Springdale pool water
  • Easily accessible filtration systems
  • Power washing jets for removing fine particles like sand, silt and dirt

There are other features you may find, like units with additional programmable features and bot caddies. Whatever you choose, make sure that the unit you choose is backed by a warranty that offers the bumper to bumper robotic pool cleaner coverage you need.


Fifth: The Cost

Buying the cheapest Knoxville robotic pool cleaner will likely leave you disappointed, but for the majority of pool owners, having a unit with all of the bells and whistles just isn’t worth the expense.

Make a list of the features you need and then create a separate list for the features you want. Once you have a starting base for the type of unit you need for your pool, read online reviews and be sure to stop by Campbell’s Pool & Spa for expert advice on which Knoxville robotic pool cleaner will best meet your needs and budget.



Tony Campbell is a second-generation pool company owner and took over Campbell’s Pool and Spa after years of working and learning side-by-side with his father. For over 48 years, Campbell’s Pool and Spa has provided unsurpassed service to residents in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Jefferson City, Oak Ridge and all over East Tennessee. The Campbell’s Pool and Spa team is dedicated to providing every single customer with the best experience possible from initial consultation to project completion, and continued stellar service for years to come.

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