Don’t Let the Rain Dampen Your Summer Fun at the Pool

pool-200x200Campbell’s Pool & Spa and BioGuard® Offer Tips for Fighting Algae

Knoxville (June 4) — With all of the rain homeowners have had this year, now is the best time to learn how to keep algae from taking over your swimming pool.

Algae grow in gutters, ponds and other water-holding fixtures and even soil surrounding a home. Wet conditions help facilitate the growth of algae which can then be washed into the pool. Algae spores can also enter the water via rain and wind.

BioGuard, one of the leading manufacturers of pool and spa products, recommends a system approach to pool care to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your swimming pool throughout the swimming season.

Simple tips for pool care include:

  • Weekly preventative algicide
  • Weekly shock routine to eliminate unwanted contaminants
  • Maintain a good sanitizer level (range) 1- 4 ppm
  • Brush your pool once a week

Following these easy steps can prevent algae infestation in a year where algae could be a threat all season. In addition, bring in a water sample to the experts at BioGuard dealer Store Name for a computerized analysis of your swimming pool water.

For more information on the effective use of BioGuard pool and spa products, visit Campbell’s Pool & Spa – 231 Papermill Place Way Knoxville, TN 37919, 865-584-3607,

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