Faces of Campbell’s #1 – Scott Marks & The ACE Saltwater System

The ACE Saltwater System for Hot Spring spas is the most advanced, worry-free spa sanitizing system to date. It automatically produces natural chlorine from the salt in the water to eliminate bacteria and oxidize contaminates that can cause cloudy water. Because this chlorine is produced naturally and at generally lower levels, it doesn’t contain additives that can lead to skin and eye irritation.

It’s a piece-of-cake to learn and use, as you may already know, but there are some tips to keep in mind that help you get the most out of the ACE. As a trained service technician, I’ve noticed that being mindful of these things can prevent feeling there’s an error.

1) Maintaining water balance is as important with an ACE as without, but it’s even easier with the ACE. With the ACE, having a calcium reading of around 50ppm is actually preferable. The system conveniently comes with the Vanishing Act, a calcium-removing “pillow” that can achieve proper levels until the next refill. Simply follow the instructions on the box to have great feeling water that will be easier on the ACE cell. Combine this one-time step with regular pH balancing for a long lasting, scale-free ACE!

2) Regular cleaning of the ACE cell will insure that it’s free of any scale buildup and promote longer cell life. Remember to follow the easy steps on the back of the included cell-cleaning bottle! It’s a quick, easy procedure and requires nothing more than water and some of your pH Decreaser.

3) Every 30 days, the ACE will require reconfirming your “use level.” If you forget, you may notice a flashing blue light on your panel. No worries; simply navigate to the water care menu, go to “use level,” select the right option for you, and hit confirm. If the level hasn’t changed, just move up or down a level and then back to the same. Reconfirming your “use level” reminds the ACE of the level it needs to be performing.

If you ever have any questions regarding the ACE, you can always contact your local Campbell’s Pool & Spa for advice. Hope you enjoy the ACE, and happy hot tubbing!


Scott Marks
Service Technician

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