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3 Low Impact Cardio Pool Workouts

3 Low Impact Cardio Pool Workouts

There are so many excuses we give ourselves for not working out or hitting the gym, such as nursing a sports injury, dealing with arthritic or joint pain, or maybe we avoid exercise because of the haunting memory of how sore and stiff we felt after our last workout.  Fortunately there are a number of Read More


Regular Testing Ensures High-Quality Pool Water Backyard barbecues and Marco Polo games demand high quality pool water. Regular water testing is the best way to ensure properly balanced water throughout the season. Experts recommend that pool owners have their pool water tested throughout the swimming season to detect potential problems. This creates awareness of any Read More

5 Keys to Basic Pool Care

The 5 essentials of pool maintenance described here will give you a basic understanding of how your pool functions. For a carefree swimming season, learn about the 5 keys and visit your BioGuard® Authorized Dealer any time you need assistance or expert advice. Pool care can be simple when you have a plan for routine Read More