Pentair IntelliFlo VS

campbells-logo-1-200x200 The Pentair IntelliFlo intelligent variable speed pump is a monumental breakthrough in energy efficiency, extended service life and silent operation. There are two reasons why the IntelliFlo system is able to decrease energy use.

  • It uses an exclusive permanent magnet motor which is fundamentally a more energy efficient design compared to traditional induction motors.
  • It includes a variable speed capability, digital controls, and proprietary software that allow custom programming for optimum pump speeds for specific needs. The result is up to 90% in savings compared to other one-speed or two-speed high efficiency pumps.

Other advances include:

  • Quietest pump on the planet – Thanks to its motor, enclosed design, and lower running speed you can barely notice it’s operating.
  • Longer life – With its permanent magnet motor IntelliFlo produces less heat and vibration than traditional systems. This helps reduce stress and wear on your equipment and increasing the life of your pool.
  • As your pool changes, so will IntelliFlo – You can add equipment and features, or change them without reducing pump performance and efficiency.
  • Unique ability to manage water features – Want to add height to deck jets or fountains? Want to increase the water flow to waterfalls or vanishing edges? IntelliFlow is perfect with its variable speeds to perfectly manage all your water features.

With Pentair you can estimate your savings online. Just visit and click on the Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator.

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