Pool Safety Covers are a Smart Investment

Pool Safety Covers are a Smart Investment

Gone are the days when pool covers were simply a “bonus” or an “add-on feature” for poolscapes. With the continued prevalence of backyard pool drownings involving those who rely on us to protect them the most, it’s clear that sturdy and secure pool safety covers in Knoxville and Lenoir City are a necessity when it comes to keeping children, pets and wildlife out of harm’s way.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about pool safety covers, like how difficult they are to maintain (they aren’t), how hard they are to use (some can be controlled with a touch of a button!) and how unattractive they are (this isn’t the case anymore). Campbell’s Pools and Spas explores the many benefits of owning a pool safety cover in East Tennessee and is excited to share them with you.


Advantages of Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers are designed to support thousands of pounds, with some like the LOOP-LOC pool safety cover being able to support as much as the weight of a baby elephant. Not only does a properly secured pool safety cover make your pool impenetrable, but they also look great and are low maintenance.

Pool safety covers also provide the following additional benefits:


1. Reduce Pool Maintenance. Pool safety covers will decrease the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool and increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying it. Pool covers slow, or eliminate completely, pool water evaporation, reduce chemical usage, help keep algae and bacteria at bay, all while effectively preventing branches, leaves and other debris from entering your pool.


2. Reduce Pool Operation Expenses. Being able to save on electricity and chemicals are just two ways a pool safety cover will help you reduce operating costs. Because the cover retains the heat of your pool water, you can reduce the amount of money you would otherwise spend on the gas or electricity used to heat your pool. Since your pool is well protected from the elements, you’ll also find that your chemical usage will go down since you’re water is better taken care of with that added insulation.


3. Ease of Use. Whether you opt for a manual or automatic pool safety cover, they are quick and easy to use. Automatic pool covers can be opened and closed within mere seconds, all with a simple flick of a switch or a push of a button.

We mentioned the state-of-the-art LOOP-LOC cover earlier in this post. This durable and warranty-backed mesh cover allows for rain and melting snow to easily drain while keeping kids, pets and other critters out of harm’s way. The LOOP-LOC pool safety cover lies almost completely flush with your decking, it’s lightweight (making it easy to put on and take off), and it comes in a range of colors so you can choose the best cover for your poolscape.


Explore Your Pool Safety Cover Options with Campbell’s Pools and Spas

Campbell’s Pools and Spas offers a large selection of pool safety covers that will keep your pool secure while saving you money in the long term. Stop on by one of our two East Tennessee locations in Knoxville or Lenoir City, or contact us online to further explore your pool cover options today.



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