Revisiting a Dream

IMG_0642-224x300Sometimes, a pool is something that unfortunately has to be given up or left behind. Perhaps the family is moving, new renovation plans don’t allow for a pool, or the cost of upkeep ends up outweighing the returns. Ron and Zula Davis were the proud owners of a kidney-shaped vinyl liner pool at one time. Their daughter was nine years old when it was installed, and the pool had been something they wanted for her and the family. One year, the liner developed a severe split. The Davis’ had a decision to make. Their daughter had grown, they had been using the pool less, and they didn’t know if they could justify the price of a refurbish job at the time.

“We had to ask ourselves – ‘Would we miss it?” said Ron. “We agreed that it wouldn’t be abig deal at the time to just fill it in. Our grandson did ask us a few times, however, to ‘clean the pool out so he could swim.’ He thought the pool would be just fine under all the dirt,” Ron laughed.

As time passed and grandchildren were born, the desire for a backyard escape resurfaced in the Davis’.

“Well, a neighbor had a pool that I liked,” smiled Zula. “We started talking about a pool again once we saw it.”


They knew that they wanted to have another kidney-shaped pool. Although there were some other ideas that they were confident about incorporating concerning the style and equipment, their grandchildren ended up having a significant influence over the size and features of the pool. They wanted a larger pool with more room to play and a diving board. With all of this in mind, Ron and Zula came to Campbell’s Pool & Spa to share their vision and have it realized as a great backyard getaway.

For the setting, Ron and Zula wanted a very easy-to-care-for and minimalist lot. They opted for a no-landscaping solution, with concrete extending from the pool out to within about 4-6″ from the fence. Pea gravel fills the gap between, providing a beautiful interior perimeter to the pool. Multiple potted palms were set up around the perimeter, and a fire pit was added as well.

IMG_0654-300x224Not wanting the hassle of dealing with chlorine tablets and fluctuating water conditions, they decided on a Hayward Aquarite Salt System to sanitize the pool.

“We love how soft the water feels,” said Ron. “The maintenance is so much easier than before. It’s quieter too due to the way we have our pump and filter system fenced in.”

They extended the fencing in to create a square “pump room” that doesn’t distract from the aesthetic of the lot. They finished it with a latched gate, and they now store extra maintenance equipment in the room as well. It is remarkable how much the fencing cut down the volume of the pump.

IMG_0645-300x224For Ron and Zula today, the pool is all about having a tropical, private paradise without having to leave home. Just beyond the backyard is a horse farm that adds even more peaceful ambience to the pool as the horses pass by the fence. They enjoy the pool both by themselves and having friends and family over to catch up and relax, and they love gathering around the fire pit.

“When we’re around the fire at night, and the pool light is on, it looks just like a beacon shining up to the sky. It’s beautiful,” said Ron.

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