When Is The Right Time To Close My Knoxville Pool?

When Is The Right Time To Close My Knoxville Pool?

Autumn is here and many Knoxville pool owners are starting to think about closing their pool until next spring. But is now the right time to close your pool? Or should you hold off winterizing your pool for just a bit longer?


Knoxville Pool Closing About Temperature, Not Convenience

Seasoned pool owners often have a weekend set aside each year to close their pool. But with warmer than average temperatures in Tennessee this year, you may want to reschedule your Knoxville pool closing this year, especially for these reasons:


  • When the Water is Too Warm

If your pool water is too warm, the winterizing protection chemicals you add to it will not last until spring. This is because pool chemicals are consumed more quickly in warmer water than cooler water.


But wasting chemicals is only part of the problem. Since the chemicals are used up too soon in warm water, algae blooms and bacterial growth can result, causing cloudy or green water and staining.


  • When the Water is Too Cold

Waiting too long to close your pool can also cause substantial damage to your pool and its components. Your skimmer and return lines can freeze and crack. Freezing water can even cause costly structural damage to your pool.


Deciding When to Close Your Knoxville Pool

The ideal time for closing and winterizing your pool is when your water temperature is consistently between 60°F and 65°F, (usually when daytime temperatures reach 70°F and 50°F at night) since bacteria cannot grow when temperatures dip below 68°F. This usually makes the month of October the perfect time for closing your pool for the season, though keep an eye on the forecast and the temperature of your pool water before shutting it down for the season.


Let Campbell’s Pools and Spas Take Care of Your Pool Closing

Campbell’s Pools and Spas are your Knoxville pool closing specialists serving Knoxville, Lenoir City, and other surrounding communities.


Ready to schedule your pool closing for when the time is right? Fill out our closing form and we’ll be in touch to schedule an appointment.


Did you close your pool too soon? Call about our mid-winter checkup services to ensure that your pool water is clean and crystal clear when spring rolls around.



Tony Campbell is a second-generation pool company owner and opened Campbell’s Pool and Spas in 1994 after years of working and learning side-by-side with his father. For over 20 years, Campbell’s Pool and Spas has provided unsurpassed service to residents in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Jefferson City, Oak Ridge and all over East Tennessee. The Campbell’s Pool and Spa team is dedicated to providing every single customer with the best experience possible from initial consultation to project completion, and continued stellar service for years to come.


Campbell’s Pool and Spa has been recognized many times over the years for superior design and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. They also sell and service hot tubs, swim spas, and above ground pools. For more information, call 865-584-3607, visit their website at campellspools.com or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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