BioGuard-200x175Regular Testing Ensures High-Quality Pool Water

Backyard barbecues and Marco Polo games demand high quality pool water. Regular water testing is the best way to ensure properly balanced water throughout the season.

Experts recommend that pool owners have their pool water tested throughout the swimming season to detect potential problems. This creates awareness of any balancing and treatment adjustments needed before a problem becomes serious.

Most people falsely assume that clear water means the water is free of bacteria, swimmer residue, and algae. This is not so. Pool owners should make sure their pool water has the proper amount of sanitizer and is balanced during the peak swimming season. That means the water needs to be tested by a BioGuard® Pool and Spa Care professional at least once a month. Pool owners should also test at home on a weekly basis.

BioGuard’s AccuScan2® test strip reader provides the best technology for testing water with fast, accurate results. By using technology originally developed for the medical industry, AccuScan2 provides concise analyses for pool water.

All pool owners need to do is bring in a sample of their pool water to BioGuard dealer Campbell’s Pool & Spa for a water analysis. By reading a test strip, AccuScan2 can accurately measure pH, free chlorine, total chlorine or bromine residuals, total alkalinity, borates, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, biguanide, hydrogen peroxide, copper and iron.

Cutting-edge technology has also led to the development of ALEX, water analysis software that enables the experts at Campbell’s to create customized pool prescriptions. ALEX also tracks the test record and recommendations in the customer history for future reference.

Take a few minutes to make sure you know what steps are appropriate for the maintenance of your pool water. It’s quick, easy and smart. Your water will be properly balanced and maintained, and swimmers will be able to enjoy the pool.

For more information on the effective use of BioGuard pool and spa products, visit Campbell’s Pool & Spa or look us up on the web at www.campbellspools.com.

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