The Benefits of Swim Spas

swim-spa-200x194Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular in todays markets. They are a great mix between a pool and hot tub. But there are benefits that only swim spas can offer. According to Pool Life Magazine there are 6 benefits to owning a swim spa.


For those who don’t have a ton of space to work with the footprint of a swim spa is much more manageable. Most swim spas are 8 feet by 16 and around 52 inches deep. This makes them a much better option for the space conscious consumer.

Lower Price Tag

With the average in-ground pool costing around $30,000 most people can get away with spending half of what they would to build a pool. They can also be less expensive to maintain each month saving the owner loads of cash during the life of the spa.

Year-round rehabilitation and relaxation

Some swim spas also offer additional jets for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. An owner can perform rehabilitation exercises in the swim spa. Then later that day relax near the warm and bubbly jets for muscle and joint relief. Other health benefits can include improving blood circulation, inducing better sleep at night, and reducing arthritis pain.

Underwater gym at home

A swim spa is a great option for a low impact work out. An owner can decide to turn on the current jets and simulate lap swimming or purchase a variety of exercise equipment designed for use in a swim spa. This also helps with those who are more conscious of being able to exercise in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Safe fun for the entire family

Swim spas are a great option for families with children. The depth is perfect for parents to be able to let their children play and swim while only being a feet away at the other side of the swim spa. It is a great way for parents to also teach their children how to swim. It is a much more controlled environment and they can bring toys and game to make the lesson even more beneficial.

Lower maintenance

The maintenance functions are really no different from a pool to a swim spa. You will need to monitor pH levels and sanitization is most important. But even though the steps might be the same you will use less chemicals saving you money in the long run.

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