We’ve Got Rhythm!!!!

rhythm_hot_tub-200x200Introducing the newest addition to our Hot Spot hot tub line, the Rhythm!! This 7 person Hot Spot® spa is an investment in comfort and relaxation that’s designed to give you years of enjoyment and cost-conscious operation.

Want lots of jet power? You’ve got it! At the heart of every Hot Spot spa is a powerful Wavemaster® jet pump, perfectly matched with the spa’s jet and plumbing system. Powerful, adjustable jets relax and revive your body with a comforting blend of air and water. Direct the adjustable jets for customized hydromassage. You’ll get the precise amount of power you prefer for a deeply satisfying massage.

Concerned about energy use? We thought that through on the drawing board. All Hot Spot spas have been certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law and are designed to keep operating costs low no matter which state you live in. You’ll see the energy savings add up over time.

The Rhythm is sure to strike a chord in your backyard!