What Matters Most

IMG_0074-300x225Most of us will agree that hot tubs are relaxing. The warm, swirling water, the smooth, jetted massages, and the dancing lights can ease away most any daily stress. A lot of us will agree that they are quite simply a blast – a place of enjoyment where memories can be made with friends and family. However, there are also those that need a hot tub for therapy purposes. Maybe they have a back issue, or perhaps that old sports-related knee injury keeps lingering. When the Senns moved to Tennessee from Florida, purchasing a hot tub became one of their first priorities for all of these reasons.

While in Florida, Roy and Lisa Senn owned a pool. They enjoyed it while their son was younger, but Roy admitted that they used the pool less and less as their son got older.

“I would jump in after doing lawn work to cool off, but we just weren’t using it regularly as a family anymore,” said Roy. “I’ve had to have fusion in my back and have ongoing arthritis now. I knew that a hot tub would help and also be much more manageable for us than a pool.”

Once they made the move to Tennessee, they didn’t settle in right away. However, they knew that the hot tub was going to be one of the first purchases as soon as they decided on a long-term vacation.

“We didn’t want to get a tub set up and then have to deal with moving it again within a short time. It was definitely going to be one of the first purchases though once we decided on a house – right there maybe even before a TV!” Roy laughed.

IMG_0073-300x225Roy and Lisa began researching Hot Spring Spas online and decided they wanted a quality hot tub that would last for years to come. The warranty, reliability, and reputation all spoke to their needs, and Hot Spring quickly moved to their first choice. As they came closer to moving, they decided to push the search toward finding a dealer and learn more about these renowned hot tubs. Seeing Campbell’s Pool & Spa listed on the Hot Spring website, the Senns came in expressing a desire for a solid product that will be easy to use and very therapeutic.

They decided on a Jetsetter. The size and jet availability in the spa struck a perfect balance, and it allowed them to retain an elegant and spacious area around the spa. Once installed, it complemented their taste in refined simplicity. The subpanel and fill hose are located on the porch beside the spa, with the subpanel cleanly mounted into the wall and the hose being tucked into a stylish container. A bamboo towel rack flanks the spa by the screen.

IMG_0080-300x225Perhaps the most attention-receiving addition to the area is the inclusion of an LCD television and receiver on a modern stand beside the spa. Partnered with his wireless indoor/outdoor sound system, escaping while relaxing his back is easy.

Roy noted, “This has become our Saturday night ritual. We can hop in here before or after we go out and just relax. We’ll get in on Sundays too when it’s a little cooler. Lisa and I pass each other a lot during the week, and it gives us a good chance to catch up on what’s been going on.

“We can just ‘dump’ about anything we need to vent about,” Roy laughed.

For Roy and Lisa Senn, their Hot Spring Jetsetter has become an effective therapy for yard work days, a place to retreat to jazz music and the football game, and a spot to come together at the end of the week. We all have routines and can easily fall into a “go-go-go” mindset, but we can all find something to incorporate into our week at home that breaks up that routine and lets us escape, come together, and feel both revitalized and prepared for the days ahead. With a Hot Spring spa, that escape can be right outside your backdoor – a last-minute vacation that makes it easy to get back to what matters most.

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