Why Should I Add Borates to My Pool?

Why Should I Add Borates to My Pool?

Every pool owner will agree that if there’s a way to make the pool maintenance process faster and easier, it’s worth doing. Adding borates to your Knoxville pool water will do just that.

Inexpensive and effective, borates have the power to stabilize your pH levels, which can go a long way in eliminating most of your pool problems.


Kills Harmful Bacteria and Algae

Whenever your pool’s pH drifts above the recommended 7.8, your chlorine becomes less effective. Less effective chlorine means more dangerous bacteria, algae, and other organisms growing and living in your pool.

The result? Cloudy, green, yellow or even black water!

Borates help keep your pH levels within the healthy 7.2 to 7.8 range. This reduces the likelihood that you will have to battle swampy and unsightly water in your pool this summer.


Improves the Quality of Your Pool Water

Having a high pH in your pool water can cause a number of irritating health problems, like:

  • Burning eyes
  • Itchy nose
  • Dry, itchy skin and scalp

Adding borates to your pool water not only maintains the clarity of your Knoxville pool water, it also keeps your water sparkling and soft for longer periods of time – even if you have hard water in your pool!


Prevents Calcium Scaling

When pH levels rise too high, you may start to see calcium scales growing along your water and tile lines, as well as your accessories. Because borates help keep your pH levels stable, you won’t have to worry about scaling and the hours of work you would otherwise have to set aside to get rid of the build up.


Protects Your Pool Equipment

Pool water with too low of a pH can be just as damaging as a high pH. Low pool water pH will start to erode and corrode parts of your pool, like your plasters, grouting, and any metal pool accessories.

Just as borates helps keep your pH levels low, it also ensures that your pH doesn’t dip too low because of its pH stabilizing qualities.


Reduces Chlorine Usage

Since borates are good for the environment and our health, they can reduce the amount of chlorine you add to your pool. This is because borates team up with your existing chlorine to prevent algae, and it keeps your pH stable so your chlorine is not consumed too quickly.


Need Help with Your Knoxville Pool Water?

Since 1994, Campbell’s Pool & Spa has been helping pool and spa enthusiasts throughout Knoxville and Lenoir City enjoy sparkling clear Knoxville pool water with our innovative and effective solutions.

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